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Whoever gets in is in

The hype about something special has begun.
Small and fine, almost sophisticated with a touch of decadence, the Münchner Kindl pulsates between Marienplatz, Stachus and Sendlinger Tor.
The exclusivity and the private environment are an outstanding feature of the hotel right from the start.
“Ring the bell” and you enter a new era of the hotel industry. Spectacular amazement wherever you look. No room is like the other.
The facility goes beyond the limits of any imagination. A brilliant mix of seventies, lush baroque, King Ludwig and blue riders.
Incredible design that you will not find in any hotel in Munich.
Every room is different.
In one of the rooms you can see the Bavarian statue towering over the bed in obscene opulence.
The Munich Kindl is an architectural statement for which Christine Hütter-Bönan is responsible.
Munich is so often described as the northernmost city in Italy. The designer, who has lived in Italy for years, combines Munich and Italy in an incomparable way.